Meet Your Future Consultant:

Cleopatra Tatabele

Cleopatra Tatabele (They/She Pronouns) is a Black and Indigenous Two-Spirit change-maker. They are passionate about organizing community and cultural education. Cleopatra specializes in social media marketing, communications, education, and facilitation.
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About Cleopatra

Cleopatra (They/She pronouns) is an activist, educator, and organizer born and raised in Lenape Territory, so-called NYC. Seeing their own ancestral roots as a grounding point for them self, Cleopatra identifies with their Black, Indigenous, and Latinx ancestry and also identifies as two spirit.

Cleopatra seeks to create safer spaces for all through education, diverse representation, and activism. Cleopatra provides people with tools for success via consultation sessions with social media, educational workshops, and their facilitation prowess. They also are an artist who seeks to create unique pieces to inspire change in her community.

They believe that by honoring their Black and Indigenous ancestors healing is possible.

Customer Testimonials

What do customers have to say about Cleopatra?

Workshop Attendee
"Cleo created such a safe and informative space that still felt so fun! Cleo's workshop helped me feel comfortable setting boundaries within my relationships. I'd love to join literally any other workshops they host because it was such a fun and positive experience for me!."
Modeling Client
"Honestly, we were very impressed with Cleopatra's runway walk. She was able to model a jumpsuit that was too long for her with grace and ease. She didn't trip at all, and the pictures came out great!"
Marketing Consultant
"Cleopatra helped me streamline my online voice. I was able to add on to my social media accounts with content that was trendy but still true to my brand. Cleopatra is a creative connoisseur and helped me create content that made sense for my customers."
MUA Client
"Cleo did my makeup before a photoshoot and also did the styling. They really made me feel pretty and comfortable even though I don't usually wear much makeup. I felt great in front of the camera."
Available Services

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All services offered require a free brief consultation to handle service fees and the unique aspects of your request. I offer many services not limited to the list below; please don't hesitate to contact me for any unique requests.
Services Offered
What’s included

Social Media Marketing Consultation

You will receive a personal profile and social media plan for you to improve your outreach and engagement with your audience.

Social Media Content Creation

You will receive culturally relevant event fliers, social media filters, events, instagram stories and reels, tiktoks and many more. Your social media page will stand out in the crowd. I am proficient in adobe programing and can create simple animations, graphics, and videos to help your brand thrive.

Customized Educational Workshop, and Facilitation

You will receive a specialist in facilitation and education. I am a fully certified special education public school teacher. I create workshops on healthy communication, restorative justice, cultural practices, personal healing, body exploration, and many more.

Modeling Services

I believe that representation can drive more engagement. Work with me as a model to bring to light to a diverse audience.